Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to Q-Answer or looking for answer to your questions. this guide will
help you to learn more about our service and their features.

Yes creating an account is absolutely free.

Commission is only charged on property on sale not on rent.

No, we are not agents neither are we an agency.

A mover from Qwarqo will have an identity card a reflector or a T-shirt branded Qwarqo.

Yes we have a big audience and network so you are guaranteed of getting what you request.

We give feedback within an hour.

Payment is made before the movement is done.

You can cancel your request anytime.

No, but you will need an account to make a request.

We have different packages. please check.

This case its rare because we guarantee you getting a property or house or give you other alternative choices of the same location, same amount and specifications.